Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Yoho, yoho, a pirate's life for me!

I'm really sorry I didn't post anything during the last days, but here's why:
I had the weekend of doom! I don't think it would be interesting for you what happened, but I felt quite fucked up until Sunday.
The outfit post with my new dress will follow tomorrow.
There will also be a first giveaway as soon as I have enough readers for it to make any sense =)

On friday, I made vegan energy balls, and this is how they turned out:
(click for bigger)

They're made from coarsely ground cashew kernels and mashed dried dates, both mixed together and formed into small balls. You can also choose other nuts and dried fruits, of course! In the end, you can toss the balls in something like coconut flakes or cocoa- I chose carobpowder, that's a powder similar to cocoa, but naturally a little bit sweeter and with a soft taste of caramel.
I think they turned out great, everyone who has tried them yet couldn't get enough of it =)
Tomorrow I'll make new ones, this time with dried figs and almonds and tossed in gingerpowder.

This is vegan ice cream made from lupine protein. It's something completely new on the market, a small company in germany found out how to extract the protein from the lupine plants and had the great idea to make an ice cream out of it. And DAMN, it's so good!
The best thing is that it's available in the regular supermarket, so you don't have to go to the ecostore and pay tons of money!
I already tried "Walnut Dream", "Vanilla Cherry" and "Strawberry Mousse". It's unbelievably creamy, sweet and tasty and surprisingly low in calories and fat! You totally have to try it if you're an ice cream lover!

This is what we had for lunch today- breaded cauliflower with soft boiled buckwheat and a sweet-sour and delightfully spicy mango-onion sauce. It's very tasty and filling!
I can give you the detailed recipe if anyone wants it- just tell me!

And thisssss.... Is my newest pirate ship! Or at least, it's on the best way to become one ^^
It has been a trading ship for all his life, but now it got captured by a filthy pirate (me) and is slowly turning into a pirate ship!
Perhaps I should tell you that I do have a collector's passion: I have been collecting all sorts of ships in bottles and model ships for the past years (also a lot of other things that are connected to pirates and the sea). Of course I'll show you a picture of my collection soon, now that I told you about it!
This ship was a present from a friend. It's the biggest one I have yet, and I promised my friend to restore it, as it has been lying on her attic for years and thus is quite dusty and destroyed.
I will also keep you informed about it's state of restoration!

Yesterday, my mum told me that she is planning on emigrating to Sardegna (the place where my heart is, I guess that's what people use to call "home") in a few years, and that makes me the happiest person in the world!
I kinda grew up there and have always wished for going back and staying there someday. My boyfriend wants to come with me and leave the average life behind that we have here, but I could never imagine to do it without my mum. Now that she told me she has the same plans for the future, nothing is keeping me from doing it anymore. I could hug the whole world for that! =)

As it's already half past two in the morning, this has to be enough for today. 
Now I will go to bed and read "the tales of beedle the bard" until I fall asleep.
Have a peaceful night everyone!

Love, PL


    Und die Auswanderungspläne klingen wunderschön. Du und Flo am Strand, immer im warmen, völlig entspannt und frei.. traumhaft. :)

    Ich liebe deine kulinarische Kreativität. wie machst du das denn dass du weiterhin so dünn bist? ich würde das, was du zubereitest topfweise futtern. ^^ deine Disziplin muss man haben...

  2. Das Schiff ist der Wahnsinn =) ich darf es nicht meinem Freund zeigen, sonst wird er neidisch =D