Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Pretty things

 Today was the most wonderful day since a very long time! I finally got the permission to become an arts teacher, went shopping for about 4 hours (absolutely everything is on sale at the moment!) and spent a wonderful evening with my mum cooking, drinking some wine to celebrate my acceptance at the teacher's school and watching the big bang theory. 

This is the tasty ginger & carrot soup that I cooked today, with some roasted sesame, asparagus, crispbread and pastry =)

Now I'm going to show you some stuff that I got during the last few days:

The birthday present for my dad, a heatable grain pillow. As his birthday is coming up and he loves monkeys, I just had to buy it =) 
Found it at Butler's.

Some badges I made yesterday (My mum gave me a badge machine for christmas some years ago)

A lovely book I bought today, with lots of shortstories that make you happy. The english title is "chicken soup for the soul"

My newest jewellery - the floral ring was a present from my boyfriend, the rest is self-bought 

The belated christmas presents for my grandparents - two matching books "Grandpa, tell me about your life" and "Grandma, tell me about your life". They can be filled in and then given back to me, so I'll always keep my grandparents with me and be able to get to know them better =)
Bought them at Butler's, and I think it's a lovely present! They also have those books for mums and dads.

And, last but not least, a DIY-Paper-Pinhole Camera from Sass & Belle, wich I bought at Urban outfitters. I gave it to myself for christmas and already folded and glued it together =)
I also took some photos with it, but they're still in development.

So far, so good, now it's time for me to go to bed.
Nice dreams everyone!

Love, PL

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  1. Der Affe ist wirklich süß! Bei TK Max gab es auch so ähnliche Körnerkissen. <3