Tuesday, 25 December 2012


I'm SO excited!
I got the best Christmas Presents ever!
-A mannequin from my dad (which can be justified, it can have sizes 2-12 (german sizes 32-42)!)
-55cm real hair extensions from my mom, as my hair has really been leaving my head for the past months and just won't get longer- They are in a quite poppy red, but I'll dye them on Thursday so they'll fit my haircolor- or eventually I'll do a little dip-dye to them ^^ also an urban outfitters- coupon/voucher  and a one-year subscription for the "happinez" magazine from my mom
-A lovely vintage purse from my granny
-Some round retro-sunglasses and some polaroid films from my other granny
-The game "botanicula" (amanita design) for my mac- wich I've been wanting for AGES, a chalcedony necklace, a protection symbol necklace, some hippie sleeves and a heart-shaped optimism stone from my boyfriend
....And a lot of money from my other relatives!

I'll post pictures of these lovely presents on Thursday- as we couldn't carry all the stuff home today, my aunt will bring them over.
I really wanted to take some photos of the (all selfmade) presents I gave to my family, but as I was in a big rush yesterday, I just didn't have the time before I packed them.

I hope you guys too had a wonderful Christmas eve <3

That kinda narcisstic photograph on top of the post was taken with my aunt's Ipad last night :D
More to come tomorrow!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Love, PL

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas rush

Just a little picture post today, as I'm still busy finishing all the christmas presents!
Tomorrow there'll be a post with my christmas outfit :)

Love, PL

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Brain: error

I really wanted to make a creative and inspirational post today, but I'm afraid this will not work out. I had a veeery long evening with my boyfriend's family and some friends of theirs and we drank quite a lot of wine- so now I'm somewhere outta space trying to get back in contact with earth ^^
All I'm gonna do now is brush my teeth and then drop dead into bed and fall asleep next to my love <3
a proper post will follow tomorrow!


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Oh and the blues, I've got the blues, that's me!

My first outfit post, yay!
The title is taken from the lyrics of "Let's not shit ourselves" from Bright eyes, and it kinda fits because firstly, my outfit is blue, and secondly I really do have the blues right now.
The blouse is secondhand and self-customized, the leggings are from Urban Outfitters and the shoes are, again, secondhand.
Don't mind the messy background- I'm working on my photo-corner at the moment, so I had to take these in the living room, and my mum is a big 70s-fan and stuff-keeper ;)
I'll post a little self-description soon, but for today I'm done.
Now I'm gonna drink some Yogi tea, put on a good record and some holy smokes and cuddle with my mum on the couch. Have a warm & cuddly evening everyone!

Love, PL

Something to light up grey winter days

So this is my first blog entry. I never thought that I'd actually start my own blog one day, but as you see I followed the stream once again. Now that winter has arrived with all its darkness and its grey, cold loneliness, i just feel like I have to find something to warm up my heart when I'm at home. And, although I'm not much of an internet-freak I have to admit that reading lovely blogs always makes me feel happy and warm.
On this blog I'll post my photos, fashion, looks, arts and thoughts and also things that inspire me and that make me smile.
More to come later, now I'm off to cook some tasty pumpkin soup for my mommy and me.

Love, PL