Tuesday, 25 December 2012


I'm SO excited!
I got the best Christmas Presents ever!
-A mannequin from my dad (which can be justified, it can have sizes 2-12 (german sizes 32-42)!)
-55cm real hair extensions from my mom, as my hair has really been leaving my head for the past months and just won't get longer- They are in a quite poppy red, but I'll dye them on Thursday so they'll fit my haircolor- or eventually I'll do a little dip-dye to them ^^ also an urban outfitters- coupon/voucher  and a one-year subscription for the "happinez" magazine from my mom
-A lovely vintage purse from my granny
-Some round retro-sunglasses and some polaroid films from my other granny
-The game "botanicula" (amanita design) for my mac- wich I've been wanting for AGES, a chalcedony necklace, a protection symbol necklace, some hippie sleeves and a heart-shaped optimism stone from my boyfriend
....And a lot of money from my other relatives!

I'll post pictures of these lovely presents on Thursday- as we couldn't carry all the stuff home today, my aunt will bring them over.
I really wanted to take some photos of the (all selfmade) presents I gave to my family, but as I was in a big rush yesterday, I just didn't have the time before I packed them.

I hope you guys too had a wonderful Christmas eve <3

That kinda narcisstic photograph on top of the post was taken with my aunt's Ipad last night :D
More to come tomorrow!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Love, PL

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