Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Oh and the blues, I've got the blues, that's me!

My first outfit post, yay!
The title is taken from the lyrics of "Let's not shit ourselves" from Bright eyes, and it kinda fits because firstly, my outfit is blue, and secondly I really do have the blues right now.
The blouse is secondhand and self-customized, the leggings are from Urban Outfitters and the shoes are, again, secondhand.
Don't mind the messy background- I'm working on my photo-corner at the moment, so I had to take these in the living room, and my mum is a big 70s-fan and stuff-keeper ;)
I'll post a little self-description soon, but for today I'm done.
Now I'm gonna drink some Yogi tea, put on a good record and some holy smokes and cuddle with my mum on the couch. Have a warm & cuddly evening everyone!

Love, PL

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  1. Der Hintergrund ist sehr erschlagend , aber jeder hat ja mal klein angefangen ;)