Sunday, 28 April 2013

Benjamin Lacombe ♥

No, I'm not done with my Berlin review, I just thought I'd do a little post in between so there won't be so many days without anything new here. As always, I'm staying at Flo's during the weekend, so I can't access my pictures before Monday.
I should tell you that I'm not able to do more than one or two posts a week anyway, as I'm always so busy and just don't have the time to post more frequently. (Maybe this will change someday, but at the moment it doesn't seem like it).

So today's short pot is about one of my very favourite illustrators: Benjamin Lacombe.
He's such a great Artist and creates the loveliest, cutest, strangest and most beautiful characters and worlds, often with a grotesque touch. I really adore his work! His book illustrations as well as his free art pieces.

Here's a small selection of pictures that I especially like, just to show you what he does and maybe get you as inspired as I always get when looking at his stuff =)
! (click to enlarge) !


If you like these, you should definitely visit Benjamin Lacombe's website and look at his portfolio.
Also, you can click *here* to get to his latest book, L'Herbier des Fées!
I totally have to buy it, it already mesmerized me =)


Friday, 19 April 2013

Berlin, part one

I'm back!
As always, I had two really great weeks and a lot of funny, exciting and crazy experiences!
I'll have to tell you about all that in my next few posts, as I can't manage to do it all in one.
Right now I have only half an our left to get ready for work at the bar, so I'll have to hurry a bit- maybe I'll add some more words tomorrow!
(click to enlarge)

On the first evening, soon after Flo and I arrived in Berlin, my Dad took us to our very favourite Restaurant in Berlin: Miss Saigon!
They have a south Vietnamese kitchen and a lot of vegan and vegetarian meals, and tey're all unbelievably tasty and filling. The pictures show the meal and the non-alcoholic fruit cocktail I chose.
Again, it was super-tasty and I couldn't even finish it, as the portions are so big.
had a Seitan meal with soybean sprouts, banana blooms and lots of other vegetables and herbs =)

Veganz, the newly opened vegan supermarket =)

They have a HUGE selection of vegan cheese! I chose a "cheezly" garlic one at first- It was very tasty, but the second one that we bought was even better!
(You'll see it two pics below)

Flo and me also bought some non-alcoholic beer, a thai peanut seitan snack bar and a vegan coconut milk yoghurt that day. Plus, I had a chickpea-tomato soup they freshly make there. Yum!

Our first Veganz-haul: The cheezly cheese, the Seitan snack bar, silken tofu for a dessert I made a few days later, vegan chocolate with Stevia sweetener and a Vitamin B12- toothpaste for Flo (I already had one).

The fresh goodies bar in Veganz. They have lots of sweets, cakes and cookies, but also some warm spicy meals.

Some random graffiti that I quite liked somehow. I always photograph much streetart during my stays in Berlin, as there are so many good ones there!

A lovely suitcase I bought in TK MAXX on the second day =)
In the next picture, in the suitcase you can see some more stuff I bought there!

I bought a romantic rosey teacup, a light blue size 2 Jeans, an ornamental decorative heart and a very cute flowery dressing gown.

This was our second Veganz haul:
Seitan fix, soy strips, soy cutlet, mozzarella style "sheese" (the better one- you really couldn't taste any differences from normal cheese), vegan slices of cheese (also very tasty!) and some soy whipping cream.

My dad and me, playing chess =)
We used to play a lot of chess during our stay in Berlin.

Today I had a talk on the phone with my Dad: From now on, I'm going to visit him more frequently!
One of his best friends, Detlef, is driving to Berlin to see him once a month now, so I'll be able to go with him- otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford going there that often.
That means much more Daddy, much more chess-playing and much more Berlin for me =)
I even had the opportunity to be there at the upcoming weekend, but I said no, as I'm working on Saturday and Sunday.
Also, Flo and I were thinking about moving there during the next months, but we found out that he can't relocate his apprenticeship to Berlin, so we'll have to wait another two years until we can do it.
But however that's okay, as I will anyway go tere monthly now, and as I'm enjoying my small town life as yet =)

More photos and stories from Berlin will follow on thursday!

Love, PL

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Berlin, here I come again =)

As expected, I don't have the time to do a proper Post today. 
So here's just a picture of  Rainer von Vielen and me from last weekend. I look like shit, but that's okay as I was quite drunk at that time haha =)
Now im off for bed, our flight will be at 10:30 tomorrow morningHave a nice time everyone, I'll be back in two weeks!
Love, PL