Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The times I had

 Finally a new post! It has been quite a long time, and here's why: 
First, I went to Amsterdam with my beloved A., (I'll use shorts for my friends to keep their privacy), then was my BIRTHDAY on May 30st (I turned 21), for which I had loooots of prearrangements to do, and after that I had a few horrible workdays and quite some other stuff to handle.
But however, now I'm back with a lot of pictures to show and stories to tell you =)
I decided to quit my Berlin report as it became way too long and uninteresting- maybe I'll show you some of the photos and stuff from time to time, but not now.
I'll tell you everything about my birthday party and show you the bunch of vegan treats I made in my next post, also I will tell you about the things that kept me from updating during the last weeks.

Today I'll show you my Amsterdam photos. I chose only a small selection so the post won't be too long =)
(click to enlarge!)

Amsterdam has a huge amount of fetish stores- I liked this one's name and our reflections in the window.

We tried some coca leaf shots in a special liquore store, but couldn't tell if the effects were different from "normal" shots as we already were too high before we did it =D

Me in the morning, shortly after waking up- don't mind my messy hair ^

This picture and the following one were taken in Amsterdam's Sex museum- we accidentally came across it and just HAD to go in!
I photographed quite some stuff there, but these two photos were my favourites.

This was a very beautiful vegetarian restaurant with a spiritual touch, but sadly we didn't manage to eat there even once... But we found the prettiest and nicest vegan restaurant in the world on our last day and went there instead. I'd love to tell you about it, as it was our greatest experience during our stay and  the place was so lovely and familiar with us being the only guests- but you'd imagine it all wrong anyway, so I'll just keep that memory for myself =)

There was a sign over the door of the right house that said "Weltevreden" (World peace)... 
So beautiful!

A. in front of our tent. As you can see we completely failed to arrange it ^^
The tent didn't get better during our stay, and on our last day almost collapsed.

A. brought some colourful lights, so the inside of our tent would be this pretty at night =)

We're both terribly messy (Picture was shot on our first day!)

As you can see, we had a wonderful stay in Amsterdam =)
Of course, we went to a lot of cofeeshops and also had many funny, crazy and sometimes scary experiences every day.
The thing we did the most was laughing- I bet we laughed about 6 hours every day, which was wonderful.
I really loved the architecture, the beautiful flats and furnitures (You can look inside every living room, as people don't have curtains in Amsterdam) and the many flowers and little trees in front of the houses.
Also, there were many lovely people to meet- but also a lot of freaks who sometimes really scared us!
And, of course, I really enjoyed spending time with my A.- She's probably the funniest person I ever got to know and we're just so alike.



  1. deine haarfarbe ist toll! :)

    und das bild mit der weißen ente gefällt mir sehr! haha! :D


  2. Wunderschöne Fotos :) Mir gefällt deine Haarfarbe auch sehr.

  3. Halli hallo! Bei mir läuft grade eine Blogvorstellung, vielleicht hast du ja Lust daran teilzunehmen :)
    Liebst, Carla-Laetitia ♡
    Hier geht es zur Blogvorstellung!

  4. super schöne fotos und ich muss sagen dein block sieht wirklich schön aus!

  5. beautiful photos! great post!

  6. Aaaw,ich liebe Amsterdam über alles,die Stadt ist wirklich die schönste die ich je gesehen hab und dein Bilder zeigen schöne Eindrücke:)

  7. Heey
    Ich habe dich zum TAG der Wahrheit getaggt. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du mitmachst!


    Liebe Grüße!

  8. Alles Gute nachträglich =) Tolle Fotos, das mit der Windmühle gefällt mir am besten =)

  9. ich liebe deine Fotos :)