Monday, 25 March 2013


First of all, I have to say sorry (AGAIN) for my lack of uppdates during the last week.
I really am very, very busy and just can't manage to do a new post daily.

Today's post is mainly about food, everything else will follow.
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On Friday, I made vegan wraps for my mum and my best friend.
They are filled with "Arrabitom" spread from the ecostore- a paste with a spicy tomato taste, potato puree, broccoli, onions, herbs and spices.
If anyone wants the recipe, just tell me. 
(I won't post longer recipes without request)


These are whole grain ginger cookies that I made for some friends on thursday.
They also have apple and chocolate bits inside.


A button I made today, as a little gift for a girl who bought some of my old clothes.
Hope she'll like it =)


Our newest vegan achievements (most of them are from "Vantastic foods"): 

  • Vlavorize Smoke Salt type "hickory", which gives your meals a nice smokey taste
  • "no egg" egg replacement powder, one teaspoon replaces one whole egg
  • An ayurvedic pancake baking mixture, which I already tried today- pictures & review tomorrow!
  • Seitan fix, a premade mixture for making your own Seitan
  • Vlavorize Kala Namak ("black salt"), which can be used for sweet foods such as smoothies or desserts as well as for savoury foods. It's also famous for giving a certain "egg-taste" to your meals, so you can use it for vegan scrambled eggs, for example.
  • Soy medaillons and Soy cubes (e.g. for meat replacement)

This was today's dessert, made from banana, peanut mush, lemon, tofu, maple syrup and a tiny bit of cayenne pepper. It's topped with lemon zest, coconut flakes and goji berries.
Flo, my mum and her boyfriend really loved it. It's very addictive!
Again, if anyone wants the detailed recipe, just tell me =)

This is a gret idea I came across: Finally a way to prevent your recipe books from getting dirty! I wish I had thought about that earlier...
The cookbook is "La Veganista",  a quite good one with cute paintings. 
What I really like about it, apart from the nice pictures, is that it has many sites with basic vegan recipes on how to make Seitan and stuff.
Only thing to critisize is that the recipes are way too high in calories if you ask me =/



This is what happened to my avocado kernel meanwhile- tomorrow I'll finally put it in a flower pot.
I already did five more.

I hope this post leaves you a bit satisfied!
My boyfriend Flo is here and I totally have to cuddle with him a bit, although he's already sleeping- So I'm off now =)
Have a cozy evening eceryone!

Love, PL


  1. The wrap looks really yummi!
    And I'm sure the girl will like the button, very cute!

    xoxo Mai

  2. Danke für deine Einladung, dein Blog ist auch toll. Ich fände es super wenn wir uns gss. verfolgen (: Und dieser Wrap probier ich gleich mal aus, ist bestimmt lecker ;-)

    xoxo Jana

  3. die sachen sehen wirklich köstlich aus! wollte schon immer mal wraps ausprobieren :)

  4. das Buch sieht hübsch aus!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Haha! Ich freu mich gerade so richtig, dass ich deinen Blog gefunden habe. Diese Idee mit dem Kochbuch und dem Bügel ist der Hammer :)

    Ich ernähr mich seit Januar vegan, das kann man auch auf meinem Blog verfolgen :) (Und ich komm mir andauernd so doof vor, wenn ich Leuten schreibe, dass man das auf meinem Blog verfolgen kann --- argh!)

    Na ja, wie dem auch sei. Ich hoffe du schreibst noch ein paar tolle Posts zur Ernährung.

    Liebe Grüße,

  6. Vielen, vielen Dank für deinen ausführlichen Kommentar. Ich finde es wirklich immer wieder nützlich, wenn mir Menschen Tipps geben. Heilerde macht die Haut ja auch etwas trocken und vor Öl fürchte ich mich wirklich irrsinnig. Irgendwann hat mir mal jemand einen Öltipp gegeben (aber es war nicht Jojoba, das weiß ich noch!) und ich hab's gemacht und am nächsten Morgen bin ich so furchtbar aufgewacht ... solche Probleme hatte ich selten mit meiner super unreinen Haut!

    Aber ich werde deinen Tipp mal beherzigen und Jojobaöl suchen. Wo gibt's das denn? In Bioläden oder auch in Drogerien?