Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Some stuff

Guyyyys! I'm really sorry that I haven't posted anything here for such a long time, but I've been quite busy cleaning my room and spending time with my boyfriend Flo and a lot of friends that I hadn't seen for a long time. So for today, I thought I'd upload a bunch of pictures and show you some stuff.
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This is a very lovely top I got at a second-hand store in our town today. It actually costed only three Euros and I'm totally in love with it! On the second picture you can see the pattern a little bit better (in reality the colour of the whole thing is a little less yellowish)

This is a vegan tea sausage spread that I made today. I know it doesn't look very tasty, but I can tell you  IT IS! Here's the recipe:

-What you need: 100 g Rice or spelt waffels, 1 big tomato, 1 onion, 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, 1 1/2 teaspoons of canola oil, 300 ml of water, Salt, Pepper, Tabasco or chili powder, grated nutmeg and a little bit of lime juce and yeast flakes if needed.
-What to do: Crumble all of the rice waffels and mix it with the water and the spices. Mix it very well! Cube the tomato and the onion (quite small), add it to the rest and mix again. At last, add the oil and the tomato paste and mix AGAIN. Season it for the last time and add a little more water if the consistency isn't right yet. That's all! =)

It really tastes just like "normal" tea sausage spread, it's very low in calories and fat and 100% vegan.
(Did I tell you already that I'm vegan? If not, now you know. My boyfriend and my mom are vegan too! Perhaps I'll tell you a little bit more about that topic someday, but I think that wouldn't make a lot of sense before I got some more followers ^^)

This is a self-baked (vegan) bread my mom and I made. We use to bake a lot of bread and stuff, as we don't buy any and my boyfriend eats tons of it! Selfmade bread is so much more tasty than the one you can get in the market or the bakery! I can give you the recipe if anyone wants it.

This is what part of our kitchen looks like since we've turned vegan. A lot of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and, of course, mushrooooooms! I LOVE raw champignons with just a little bit of salt  =)

These are my favourite sorts of tea at the moment. I drink lots of tea (about 2 cans a day), and I'm really addicted to shopping and trying out new brands. The tea at the right is a present that I got from our local eco-store and the one in the middle, which is called "for love" is part of the present my boyfriend gave me for valentine's day =)

...And, last but not least, my favourite-of-all-times green tea, japan matcha! One cup has about 500 times the coffeine of the same amount of coffee, but it doesn't make you any jittery or nervous- it just makes you stay awake for hours and clarifies your thoughts. It's a powder that you mix with water that must have exactly 80° C if you want it to be perfect, for dosage you use the little bamboo stick (1 dose is 1 or 2 "spoons"). To mix it up, you use the chasen- that's the little bamboo whisk on the right side- until it gets foamy. Traditionally, you drink matcha tea from small bowls instead of mugs. My mom bought those two lovely bowls at Butler's.
The only problem about matcha tea is that it's quite expensive because of the complex and elaborate manufacturing- the one we have is the "beginner" version and 30 g costed 18 Euros! But in my opinion, it's absolutely worth it =)

This is my current notebook. I love the unique design!
I already filled it with "World's changes" (for example that animal testing for cosmetical products will be forbidden in Europe from march 13th this year!), with "World's beauty" (a list of all beautiful things in the world, including friendship, sunrise, chocolate, tears, the sun, melancholy, sex and much more... Me and some friends already wrote 5 pages with beautiful stuff!) and with Rainer Maria Rilke's poem "the panther", which always makes me cry as it's extremely sad and beautiful at the same time.
There are still hundreds of pages left, and I'm excited what will follow.

And this is a little preview on what I'll show you soon: My room! =)
I'll have to get ready cleaning it up before I can show you the rest of it, as I've been hording and messing around for years now... But I'm on a good way to get finished soon!

I think that should be enough for today, now I'm off for a little more housework and sorting off my old clothes, as my wardrobe is really bursting at the seams!

Love, PL


  1. kompliment für dein design!!
    klick mich mal weiter durch...
    liebst, dieflow

  2. Some of the Pics make me hungry ^^

  3. Hallo;) toller Blog, hättest du lust auf gegenseitiges followen?
    würde mich freuen !! Schau doch mal bei mir rein, wie gefällts dir ;)?

    The EnVogueCoop

  4. Das Rezept ist super, allerdings finde ich dein Layout sehr anstrengend... Unruhig und die Schrift ist ultra klein ...
    Nicht böse sein!