Thursday, 28 February 2013


Yesterday I bought some new plants for my room. I really love having a lot of herbs & flowers around me, as I'm much of a nature addict and also really feel that it makes the air better.
I also bought some mini-cactuses, a romantic flower pot, a lucky bamboo and a lace band and two sorts of serviettes for designing the pots =)
Here's a picture of all of it:
(click for bigger)

This is the rosey flowerpot I bought. I absolutely love it!

An extra photo of the cactuses, just because they're so cute and tiny.

The serviettes for the pots =)

And this is what I ate for lunch today:
A wok meal with aubergine, courgette/zucchini, carrot and onion.

All the ingredients sliced- the small heap on the right side is rosemary. I use rosemary in almost everything I cook, as it's my very favourite herb (perhaps because I'm half Italian and grew up eating loads of rosemary...)

I also added a handfull of lupine grist, which adds a nice taste and crispyness and contains a lot of protein.

...AND a grinded chili pepper, as I prefer my food spicy!

...And that's what it looked like in the End =)
The green stuff on top is a small part of our harvested wheatgrass, and the light yellowish powder is selfmade vegan parmesan (just mix milled almonds with the same amount of yeast flakes and a pinch of salt). while cooking, I also added a sauce made of soy milk, sweet soy sauce, some salt and a teaspoon of sesame mush. 
It's a simple and self-invented receipt, but still very, very tasty =)

Now I'm off visiting my mum, as she has been in surgery today, and also my friend who's at the psychiatric clinic at the moment. I baked some vegan chocolate cookies for both, hope they'll like them!

Love, PL


  1. wow! wie gern könnt ich so kochen wie du. das sieht echt lecker und vorallem sehr gesund aus!
    und mit den pflanzen stimm ich dir auch vollkommen zu, ich liebe pflanzen und vorallem tulpen in meinem zimmer, dann sieht alles viel frischer und natürlicher aus .. und der duft erst :) mhhh

  2. Das sieht soooooo lecker aus. Koch ich mir heut nach. :D

  3. Die kakteen sehen so putzig aus!

    Love, Lexa